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“Sonia’s presentation style and teaching techniques are very personal and powerful. She has a great way of understanding each participant and adapting accordingly.” – Dina Sabnani

Corporate Training

We deliver positive, high-impact and highly interactive training giving participants a step-by-step guideline to create lasting change on both the inner and outer levels. We have divided our services into three sections that we specialize in: Appearance, Beliefs and Communication (or A, B, C’s, as we like to call them).

Successful businesses spend a tremendous amount of money creating a high value image for their products or services. The most successful and respected companies take it one step further. They invest in the overall well-being of their most important asset, employees.

We provide various types of training to corporations on personal presence, verbal and non-verbal communication, speaking effectiveness, etiquette. We provide customized training materials for addressing specific concerns.

A Balanced Lunch Series

Now more so than ever organisations are demonstrating their commitment to the wellbeing of their staff, with the awareness that an effective and healthy work-life balance empowers them to attain more satisfaction, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and maintain mental focus.

The Community Business Surveys have reported that Hong Kong is moving towards a healthier lifestyle however there are still challenges stemming from poor work-life balance that impact both employees and organisations. In line with this theme we have designed a series of high-impact short workshops that can be conducted over lunch – or in a two to three hour period  – to support the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of employees.

We offer a yearly program of interactive workshops and activities that can be conducted on your company’s premises.

Whether you’re considering our Balanced Lunch Series or looking for a half-day, or full-day session, we have a program that can create balance, confidence, and build great communication skills amongst your team.

Mental Wellbeing

  • Positive Psychology for the Workplace
  • The Resilient Leader
  • Reflect, Reclaim, Rebalance
  • Stress Management
  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • The Power of Thought & Visualization
  • Maintaining Mindfulness


  • Effective Communication
  • Professional Presence
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Impactful Introductions

Physical Wellbeing

  • Workplace Wellness
  • Energizing Food Choices – Fuel for your Day
  • Yoga for the Workplace
  • Breathing Techniques to Release and Relax
  • Secrets to Sleep
  • Sugar Addiction – Understanding Our Relationship with Sugar
  • Live More, Weigh Less; A Non-Diet Approach to Weight Loss
  • Supercharge your Brain
  • Quench your Thirst; Rethink your Drink
  • Women’s Health Workshop
  • Healthy Aging

Our Corporate Trainers

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