“Sonia presented this workshop with lots of passion, knowledge and clarify. Her workshops are simply the best I’ve ever done on the crossroads between science and spirituality.” – Wera Hack

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Through All About You Wellness Centre, I promote and train aspiring practitioners in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a common healing tool in Hong Kong, and studying hypnosis is becoming increasingly popular. As a qualified Hypnotherapist and Trainer, I teach the five leveled curriculum by the California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII) / EKAA. A career in this field can be personally enriching as well as financially rewarding.

Step 1: Training Levels


  • Level I – Basic Course in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Level II – Certification Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Behavioral Resolutions
  • Level III – Advanced Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions
  • Level IV – Course on Integrated Spiritual Hypnosis
  • Level V – Certification Course on Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapist or Trainer

  • Step 1: Training
  • Step 2: Internship
  • Step 3: Interview
  • Step 4: Accreditation
  • Step 5: Therapist
  • Step 6: Trainer

More indepth detail about how to become a Hypotherapist is outlined on our sister website, All About You Wellness Centre.


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