“I gained valuable insights and techniques. I really absorbed the info thanks to Sonia’s great delivery! I feel a lot more prepared to take on the world.” – Neetu Sakhrani

Sonia’s Insights


Do you live according to your commitments or according to your feelings? In this video, Sonia explains why living according to one’s ‘feelings’ is not a reliable course of action

Want And Desire

Are you struggling with certain issues or desires in your life?

Let’s look at them from different perspectives. For example, money. What is your wish around money?
Are you desperate for money?
Do you need money?
Do you want money? 
Do you have to have money?
Do you desire money? Or…..
Do you think of yourself as having money or already being wealthy?
Depending on what level of consciousness you are at, that is how your desire will show up for you
Think about where your issues are at right now. If you are struggling, think about where your consciousness is at. Are you desperate? Do you have to have something?
Operate at the highest level of consciousness – from a level of ‘I am!’ and life will look a lot more peaceful because ultimately, you are the creator of your reality.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is no longer a skill just required for professional speakers anymore.
It’s necessary for many things like promoting your own business, going for an interview, or even going on a date.
If the thought of speaking in public fills you with fear, you’re not alone. In fact, most of the world is petrified of the idea of addressing a room full of people.
That’s why Sonia designed a one-day course where you can dramatically increase your confidence and speaking skills. In this workshop, you will have at least 3 opportunities to practice and get feedback from a live audience as well as from Sonia herself.
We also address the conscious and subconscious mind which helps us to understand your fears and your delivery style.
Join us for Sonia’s Public Speaking workshop which is taking place on the 9th of January. To book your spot, click on the link in our bio and visit our upcoming workshops page to register.

Disconnecting Yourself

Are you unconsciously punishing yourself by ‘disconnecting?’ I am not referring to a digital detox. 
Sometimes, we think if we say we are ‘fine’ we won’t have to deal with the emotions we are feeling. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As humans, we crave connection. It’s built into us. The work comes in knowing how to harness that connection instead of trying to deny it.


We have all prayed at some point. This perpetuates a separation between us and God but the truth is we connected.
Why not take prayer as an opportunity to connect with the purest part of your consciousness?

Self Esteem

Are you plagued by insecurities?
I’m not clever enough
I’m not pretty enough
I’m not successful enough etc
When we talk about self-esteem, there is a feeling of not being good enough. This is extremely common and we often tend to try and overcompensate. Give yourself the gift of affirmation and learn to re-program your mind. 

What Meditation Is

There are so many ways meditation can help us in our personal and professional lives – reduces stress and anxiety, promotes emotional and mental well being, improves sleep, manages pain, and so much more. Here’s a quick and simple explanation on what meditation is.

Allowing Mistakes

What if I told you, it’s ok to make mistakes? Would you do things differently?

What You Have Been Craving To Hear

Does your ‘why’ empower you or bring you down? Sonia explains how to change the question from self degradation to self encouragement!

The Power of Our Filter

Perspective is everything. It’s not whether a person, an incident, or a thought is good or bad. It depends on how you perceive them. What’s good for you may be the opposite for another and vice versa. So before jumping into an argument with someone who disagrees with you, take a moment to pause and think – we have different perceptions. And while they may differ, doesn’t have to turn into an unfriendly debate.

What To Do When The Going Gets Tough

Being aware and taking control are two very different things. Trying to take control of things, especially during difficult times such as now, can only lead to more frustrations when things don’t go your way. However, being aware of your mind, your feelings and what surrounds you opens you up to more possibilities.

What Happens To Our Consciousness In An Accident

Accidents – whether it happened to you or you are a first-hand witness to one, getting into a state of shock is a natural response. More often than not, that shock will cause us to lose a part of ourselves – our awareness or some memories. What can you do to go back to the state before the accident? Here’s a tip in this video.

The Client’s Role in Therapy

For therapy to work, there needs to be mutual trust between the client and the therapist. As therapists, we find ways to gain that trust and confidence so that you, as a client, can speak your mind and feeling. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but therapies are a give-and-take relationship, just as any relationship is.

The Conscious, Unconscious and the Subconscious

Hypnotherapy delves into your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds to find resolutions to a problem you may be experiencing. That is why solutions to issues are never one-size-fits-all because each of us goes through life differently, and all of these are stored in our minds whether we are aware of them or not.

The Happiness Formula

If you’ve ever heard someone utter the term “happy hormones”, that’s because happiness is a result of the body producing, well, just that – happy hormones. How can your body produce these hormones? Let me explain in this video.

Scheduling Your Goals

We all set our goals, and it can be devastating when we don’t reach them. Setting time to accomplish your tasks is a simple yet effective way to stay on track. So whip out those calendars and diaries. Use a planner, electronic or the physical thing. Whatever will work for you, setting a schedule is already a step towards reaching your goals.

Setting Goals You Can Control

Want to be sure to accomplish your goals? One helpful tip is to plan them along the things you can control. We can but wish we can have control over other people, situations, or time. Sadly, that is not the case. Set your goals around what you have full control of and you’re already halfway to reaching them.

The Difference between Therapy and Healing

Is it therapy or healing that you need? While there are subtle differences between the two, one should be open to the idea of being vulnerable, to be self-aware so you can achieve are aiming for.

How You Know You are Over Something

Letting go is not easy, it never is. Whether you’ve experienced a breakup or a loss, getting over it is a step forward. When the thought of thinking about them brings you tears and sadness, maybe you’re not really over them. Here’s how you’ll know.

Humanising the Gurus

Often, we look up to people that we think are superior than us and put them on a pedestal. While there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging they play an influential role in how we speak, think and feel, reminding yourself that they too are people can open windows of opportunities to have more fruitful endeavors.


We are all guilty of this – procrastinating. At some point, we have all set aside what set out to do for something else. The real reason why you procrastinate may not actually be what you think. Get to the root cause so you can overcome the delays.

Helpful Responses In Therapy

We understand that not everybody can easily share their feelings, especially to people they are not familiar with. That could very well be one reason you might think of reaching out to a therapist. When talking to your therapists, let them know what you are feeling or thinking. Any response is much better than being silent. We are here to help. However, we can only help as much as you’d like to help yourself. So feel free to tell us whatever it is running in your thoughts and heart so we can get to the bottom of what’s bringing you down.

Allowing Mistakes

Perfections and imperfections, when they reside in our minds, only limit us from doing and achieving all that we are capable of. Mistakes may not be the results we initially wanted, but they allow us to see a clearer picture on how to get things done and show us where we still have room to grow.

Bad Things are Supposed to Happen

Being OK with “bad things” teaches us to appreciate the better things that happen to us. Letting things happen the way they do gives you the opportunity to look at situations differently and approach them with better judgment.

Being Stuck in Interpersonal Relationships

Victim, prosecutor or rescuer. Which of these three roles do you default to when you find yourself stuck in conflict? Whicher you find yourself playing, you’ll find yourself stuck, tense and unable to make progress. The solution? Drop the pretences, be yourself.

How Our Experiences Get Stored

There’s no one way to cope with challenges and difficulties. Difficulties alone is very subjective to who we are as individuals. After all, we all go through different experiences. That’s why in therapies, we help develop coping mechanisms that you are comfortable with.

Staying Focused

Getting distracted is easy. Our dreams, recent memories, difficult experiences, even the busy street or other people around us can easily steal our focus away. Being present so you can concentrate on what you need to finish is not as difficult as one may think – it takes practice though. Mindful meditation is a powerful way to bring you back to the present.

Your Relationship: Is It Working?

Is a relationship going to be smiles and laughter all the time? Of course not, Everyone has ups and downs. But does your relationship meet these 5 points? If not, this is something our couple’s counselling could help you address.

What Therapies Really Are

Therapy is to fix broken people, right? No! We’re not machines. We’re not broken or fixed. Working on yourself is a process, it’s building a relationship with yourself and it’s something well worth putting the time into.

Speak Your Truth

Speaking your authentic truth can be easier said than done. It means being vulnerable and exposed. But it also allows you to communicate honestly, directly and tenderly.

Your Inner Conflict

What’s more important to you, feeling connected to your true self, or feeling like you fit in? The truth is, if you don’t allow yourself to be your true and authentic self, you’ll always feel disconnected and you won’t be able to fit in.

Narcissism & Self Love

Narcissistic behaviour isn’t the same as self-love. In actual fact, if someone is so keen to demonstrate how much they adore themselves, it’s usually overcompensating for a lot of insecurity.

When You’re Not Feeling Good Enough

The feeling of not being good enough is something we all experience. Make self-assurance and self-appreciation part of your daily self-care ritual, because you are enough, just as you are.

Your Choice VS Your Destiny

Are the events in your life the result of choice or the result of destiny? And if the choices that led to an event are outside of your control, what implications does that have?

Extra Marital Affairs

Addressing issues in your relationship can be frightening and daunting, but living in a relationship that doesn’t work is even more awful. Couples counselling can support you to address issues head-on, and make the decisions that are correct for your relationship.

Your State of Mind

People are complex. It’s not as simple as being confident or unconfident, it’s about how your mindset is in a certain situation. Take a moment to focus and tap into your confident, outgoing mindset next time you’re lacking confident and feeling powerless.

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