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“I gained valuable insights and techniques. I really absorbed the info thanks to Sonia’s great delivery! I feel a lot more prepared to take on the world.” – Neetu Sakhrani

Sonia’s Insights

Being Stuck in Interpersonal Relationships

Victim, prosecutor or rescuer. Which of these three roles do you default to when you find yourself stuck in conflict? Whicher you find yourself playing, you’ll find yourself stuck, tense and unable to make progress. The solution? Drop the pretences, be yourself.

How Our Experiences Get Stored

There’s no one way to cope with challenges and difficulties. Difficulties alone is very subjective to who we are as individuals. After all, we all go through different experiences. That’s why in therapies, we help develop coping mechanisms that you are comfortable with.

Staying Focused

Getting distracted is easy. Our dreams, recent memories, difficult experiences, even the busy street or other people around us can easily steal our focus away. Being present so you can concentrate on what you need to finish is not as difficult as one may think – it takes practice though. Mindful meditation is a powerful way to bring you back to the present.

Your Relationship: Is It Working?

Is a relationship going to be smiles and laughter all the time? Of course not, Everyone has ups and downs. But does your relationship meet these 5 points? If not, this is something our couple’s counselling could help you address.

What Therapies Really Are

Therapy is to fix broken people, right? No! We’re not machines. We’re not broken or fixed. Working on yourself is a process, it’s building a relationship with yourself and it’s something well worth putting the time into.

Speak Your Truth

Speaking your authentic truth can be easier said than done. It means being vulnerable and exposed. But it also allows you to communicate honestly, directly and tenderly.

Your Inner Conflict

What’s more important to you, feeling connected to your true self, or feeling like you fit in? The truth is, if you don’t allow yourself to be your true and authentic self, you’ll always feel disconnected and you won’t be able to fit in.

Narcissism & Self Love

Narcissistic behaviour isn’t the same as self-love. In actual fact, if someone is so keen to demonstrate how much they adore themselves, it’s usually overcompensating for a lot of insecurity.

When You’re Not Feeling Good Enough

The feeling of not being good enough is something we all experience. Make self-assurance and self-appreciation part of your daily self-care ritual, because you are enough, just as you are.

Your Choice VS Your Destiny

Are the events in your life the result of choice or the result of destiny? And if the choices that led to an event are outside of your control, what implications does that have?

Extra Marital Affairs

Addressing issues in your relationship can be frightening and daunting, but living in a relationship that doesn’t work is even more awful. Couples counselling can support you to address issues head-on, and make the decisions that are correct for your relationship.

Your State of Mind

People are complex. It’s not as simple as being confident or unconfident, it’s about how your mindset is in a certain situation. Take a moment to focus and tap into your confident, outgoing mindset next time you’re lacking confident and feeling powerless.