“Sonia’s presentation style and teaching techniques are very personal and powerful. She has a great way of understanding each participant and adapting accordingly.” – Dina Sabnani

Corporate Training

We deliver positive, high-impact and highly interactive training giving participants a step-by-step guideline to create lasting change on both the inner and outer levels. We have divided our services into three sections that we specialize in: Appearance, Beliefs and Communication (or A, B, C’s, as we like to call them).

Successful businesses spend a tremendous amount of money creating a high value image for their products or services. The most successful and respected companies take it one step further. They invest in the overall well-being of their most important asset, employees.

We provide various types of training to corporations on personal presence, verbal and non-verbal communication, speaking effectiveness, etiquette. We provide customized training materials for addressing specific concerns.

Offers high-impact, monthly workshops conducted over lunchtime to enhance mental, physical, and emotional well-being. With a focus on Mental Well-being, Physical Well-being, and Communication, participants can choose the full series or single workshops to meet their company’s objectives. Each 60-minute workshop is conveniently conducted on-site, equipping teams with the tools for workplace challenges and fostering happier, more engaged employees and increased productivity.

Designed for leaders committed to enhancing their communication style and leadership qualities, this training focuses on effective self-introduction, tailored product presentations, and audience engagement. Participants gain hands-on experience by presenting at least three times, receiving immediate coaching for continuous improvement. With a balanced approach to mindset, structure, and delivery, participants witness immediate results in their speaking abilities, propelling themselves and their company to new heights.

Our custom wellness retreat programs are designed to create lasting change and provide a transformative experience. By focusing on leadership, resilience, personal presence, communication, mindfulness, stress management, and physical wellness, we help individuals enhance their confidence, social skills, self-awareness, and empathy. The result is improved relationships, communication skills, and overall presence, leading to greater personal satisfaction, the ability to overcome fears, and increased productivity. Our off-site retreats offer the ideal environment for growth and transformation.

Mental health is more important than anything. It impacts your mood, behavior, relationships, career , and physical well-being.

Sonia can be booked to speak at themed events, galas, and award ceremonies, present a solo talk, or speak as part of a panel. Sonia’s keynotes give tangible takeaways where people are guaranteed to learn things they don’t know and gain practical tools to apply the concepts.

A personalized and tailored approach to individual concerns, unlocking your team’s peak performance. As your dedicated company coach, I provide unwavering support, uncover hidden barriers, and foster personal and professional clarity. By transcending limitations, your team excels in all areas of life, igniting business growth. Private coaching sessions enhance job satisfaction and productivity. Take your business to the next level with comprehensive coaching, yielding measurable results within three months. Empower your team with lasting leadership and communication tools for lifelong success.

Mental Health Training For Hospitality is a specialized program designed to address the unique challenges faced by the hospitality industry. This comprehensive training equips employees and managers with the knowledge and skills to promote mental well-being, manage stress, and support colleagues and guests effectively. With a focus on practical strategies and tools, this training helps create a supportive and resilient work environment in the fast-paced hospitality sector.


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