“Sonia is a gifted facilitator who has an abundance of knowledge that she truly loves to share. She has an engaging delivery style and everything she covers is incredibly valuable.” – Gina Robinson

Effective Public Speaking

Using Sonia’s ABC philosophy, this revolutionary Hong Kong based program helps you overcome your fear of public speaking. By working on your Appearance, Beliefs and Communication, you are equiped with the skills needed to inspire an audience confidently and effectively.

In this practical all-day workshop, Sonia helps you overcome your fear of public speaking, and technically equips you with the skills needed to inspire an audience confidently and effectively.

Effective Public Speaking program covers:



Without relevant, concise and engaging material, even the most personable speaker is unlikely to make an inspiring or effective presentation. This workshop leads you through essential tips to ensure your presentation delivers exactly what your audience expects.



The way an audience sees you will determine their impression of you. From your physical appearance to your body language and gestures, as well as the design of each presentation slide, every visual counts towards creating a lasting impact.



Just as in daily life, the way in which you speak has a huge bearing on how well your audience understands you. By paying attention to the pitch, pacing, and rhythm of your voice, Sonia will guide you to adapt an intonation that oozes confidence and matches the mood of your presentation.

By completing this workshop, you will:

  • Create a strong and lasting impression with your audience
  • Make necessary shifts in your mindset, and develop techniques to create a powerful state of mind that is transferable to both personal and professional settings
  • Learn the tools for preparation, content and delivery that will be applied immediately for measurable results
  • Learn what is missing from your current presentation style to get you to the next level
  • Recognize the importance of your exterior image as a component of your presentation and gain the tools to develop an appropriate image for creating a lasting impression
  • Learn how to successfully use the tools of balance, harmony, rhythm, repetition, contrast, character, texture and scale
    Identify how to mix and match items to create a coordinated business look
  • Learn practical techniques to extend their wardrobe by making it more versatile and cost effective
  • Acquire the knowledge of appropriate behavior for social and business situations in the areas of: Greetings and introductions; business card protocol; handshakes; eye contact; body language
  • Learn the sounds, syllables and stresses for accurate pronunciation of the most common errors in spoken English for the content of the Level 1 syllabus.
  • Practice speaking in front of an audience

The public workshop is conducted through our centre, All About You. It can also be delivered as a customised, corporate training session.

1 day (10:00am – 7:00pm)

$1,600.00 HKD per person


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